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the principal

Dear students / parents
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Tiba American School,
TIS has turned to be a unique, sustainable, dynamic and 21st century educational model school with extraordinary team efforts.
I am very proud of the TIS Team; they understand and are passionate about the commitment to create empowered learning pathways for our students.
Our young students are growing into a future that is rapidly changing. They know the jobs of today will look very different than the ones for tomorrow.
They know the answer to this is for young people to develop a strong awareness of themselves, others and place, and to be confident in their ability to face challenges, adapt and change. They know ‘The TIS Way ‘support this, and their work with their students is vitally important to the success of this!
The goal of TIS is EXCELLENCE and the striving to reach this goal must depend on cooperation between all school community from parents, teachers and administrators.
According to this cooperation we assure that the result will be well worth of the efforts. This student’s handbook contains all school rules; you should always remember that obeying these rules will help you to avoid facing a lot of problems.
I look forward to this school year and wish each of you the very best in the many opportunities that await you. Make the most of them with mutual respect and cooperation we can succeed together.
My door is always open to you.
Let me know how I can help .

We aspire for TIS Students to graduate from their 12-year learning adventure being able to:
•Use creative, innovative, and critical thinking to make a difference.
•Use their passions, talents, and skills to create a future that excites them positively to our world.
•See the adventure, opportunity, connections, and possibilities in life.
•Act with respect towards themselves, others, and our world.
•Turn dreams and ideas into reality.
•Accept life’s challenges with a resilient and flexible attitude.
•Create a happy and healthy life balance.
•Communicate with maturity, openness, and integrity.
•Embrace fun and live with curiosity.

To support TIS Way, we ask parents to:
•Provide a home life that supports the school’s philosophy of self-management.
•Support your child on their self-management journey.
•Engage in parent education about TIS Way.
•Participate in working with your child’s Learning Advisor to design their learning plan;
•Support their child’s/teen’s Learning Team with their requests.
•Be respectful about school decisions.
, Wish you best of luck
School principal
Dr/Ghada Kandil


Our School



Educating by providing high quality international education for all students of different ages, cultures and needs to become global thinker’s , lifelong learners and responsible citizen to contribute successfully to the global world.



To create learning, secure, friendly, creative, and motivating environment that develop all students by enriching experience to meet academic challenges to solve problems and become successful responsible global citizen.